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“It’s our relationship with our customers, communication and the way we build those relationships that has been key to our success. We work in partnership with our clients and ensure they have top level information at all stages. The team I have are key. They’re all very experienced in what they do and can work across a wide variety of markets and with different clients” - Ryan, Managing Director and Founder of Rd Design, on why his company stands above the rest.

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Rd Design is a website design, graphic design and online marketing agency based in North Colchester. They’re a growing brand and are passionate about helping SME businesses grow in and around East Anglia. Managing Director, Ryan, started the company in 2013. It was a huge step for Ryan to take, and ultimately, it is one that has paid off. He has a strong work ethic and when he took the plunge from leaving a well-paid job to go solo, he knew that he had the determination to succeed. As a father of three, it was a risk, but as the company is set to move to larger premises in August to accommodate more staff, the risk has definitely paid off.

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One of the things Rd Design excel at is helping a new business kickstart their online journey. Larger companies have the luxury of being able to afford an in-house marketing team, but smaller businesses simply cannot afford it. Ryan wanted to make this a possibility for those building a brand and offers a third-party digital marketing service, which includes: search engine optimisation (SEO), website design, graphic design, Google Ads management and bespoke database systems. Rd Design is focused on taking their clients on a journey of their brand, starting with the initial logo design and working up from there. 

As a growing business, one thing Ryan needs is a reliable, experienced team, and he has that in abundance. Ryan, as the Managing Director, has a wide skill set, although he largely concentrates on account management, building brochure websites, graphic design and online marketing. There are two web developers, Alex and Joe. Alex is a full stack developer with over 15 years experience, specialising in bespoke application programming and with particular expertise in administrative and management systems, hosted software (SaaS), web services, and custom API implementation/integration and works on the back-end of the websites. Joe is a front end Wordpress developer and had built a very strong reputation for designing eye-catching websites, with quick turnarounds. Mark heads up the social media management team, and as he has a background in sports journalism, he writes many of the articles that you can find on the Rd Design blog on their website as well as creating great content for clients. Last but not least, there’s Ruth, who has a very hands on approach to social media advertising and creating the right voice for businesses online. Although the team is small, it helps ensure there is transparency and consistency for clients, as it means that for each area of their business, there will be a face and a name behind it so, there’s reassurance that you’re in good hands.

As an agency, Ryan firmly believes in a customer focused approach. It is with this ethos, that has allowed Rd Design to build up a loyal client base and develop an excellent reputation with over twenty 5 star reviews on Google.

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Before starting work with a new business, Rd Design will be flexible and fit around your schedule and needs. Whether that means the team visiting your premises, or the client going to the office in Colchester, Ryan will ensure all the needs of the business are met and specifications for the project are clear and concise. All clients will be given regular updates to ensure they know how their money is being spent and that they fully understand how the online process works.

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Ryan firmly believes that “if you do great work, clients will come”. I believe this is true of Rd Design. The  fact that they require a larger office space to employ more staff speaks volumes, particularly with the stiff competition they face in a very competitive industry. Having a smaller team means clients will benefit from a more intimate and focused approach. They will be able to have a direct point of contact and will be guaranteed a fantastic service.

To find out more about Rd Design simply visit their website and/or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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