A Quirky, Boutique That Comes to Your House - There’s Something for Everyone!

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“I love it. Do you know what? My husband said to me yesterday that he used to get so fed up with me walking around town, not being able to find anything I liked or clothes that suited me. Whereas I know I can come to Sophie and things will look good and fit nicely. I don’t even bother going into town anymore” - Jo, friend of Sophie’s and loyal customer. 

Pink Ostrich is a mobile boutique that can be brought to your house and is also available to shop online. Many premium high street stores now are struggling to keep up with the so called ‘smaller’ operations as the quality is just as good and the price is even better. Sophie is the owner of the boutique and she launched her business two years ago, and since then, it has gone from strength to strength. She initially started it as she is a mother of three and used to work in book publishing. The Monday-Friday office life didn’t fit in with her family and she desired something that would enable her to spend more time with her children and not have the constant strain of sourcing childcare. It was also because of being a mother, Sophie understood the difficulties of shopping with a buggy and trying clothes on with your children there, getting bored and wanting attention. From this the idea of Pink Ostrich was born. 

Pink Ostrich was the name chosen as it’s something that’s memorable. It sticks in your mind. Sophie chose the name as her favourite animal is an ostrich as they have eccentric feathers and her favourite colour is pink. The concept is pop-up parties and the occasional open day. The pop-up parties require no work from the customer. Sophie will bring all the clothes and accessories to your house, set it all up. The only thing you need to do is relax and let Sophie do the work for you. As a party host, you get 15% commission from the sales of the party and the same as a discount for any clothes you buy yourself. There is no hard selling involved as the clothes speak for themselves. All the clothes Sophie has are sourced by herself, either online or she goes to London to purchase them. 

It’s a unique concept and no one else in the Colchester area does this. Since the launch, it has grown slowly and steadily, but with the website now live, Sophie is hoping people will turn away from the corporate stores and invest in her independent business. The clothes that Sophie likes to purchase are a bit different from the ones you would find in Topshop or River Island, but surely this is a good thing? The clothes are quirky and colourful and available in a range of sizes. She always has plenty of items in stock and the idea is to save time for people. It’s also ideal for parents as if the parties are in the afternoon, they can take their children and not have to worry about childcare. 

The parties are not just a place for shopping. They’re a social event and many party hosts make a theme out of it, whether it’s afternoon tea or having a few drinks in the evening! Sophie just wants everyone involved to feel comfortable and happy. The clothes are more than affordable and will make you feel good when you wear them. The boutique works well for both, the customer and Sophie. They’re usually held in the evenings and at the weekend, so it fits around everyone’s lifestyle and slows down the process of shopping. It brings back enjoyment to something that could have been stressful before. The open days that Sophie holds are at her house, everyone is welcome and you’re able to try everything on to check it fits.  

Indre and I loved our visit to Pink Ostrich and we even bought a top each as the clothes were so nice! Sophie is charming, friendly and welcoming. Her business deserves to be successful, so head over to her website and take a look at the delights she has on offer! 

Thanks for having us! 

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