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Welcome to Colchester Streets official website!


About Colchester Streets

Hi and welcome to my photography website! My name is Indre and I am a professional photographer enjoying life in this beautiful Roman town - Colchester. 

In early 2018 I started a new photography project - an Instagram account dedicated to Colchester. Living in a town full of such historic monuments it is impossible not to be inspired. So, I opened an Instagram account, grabbed my camera and went into the streets in search of things to photograph. I must say, I was not disappointed! There is so much to see and capture! This project gives me an incredible amount of joy!

Colchester Streets is all about people living in this town, fashion, events, dogs, architecture and anything that can be seen on Colchester Streets. So, if you ever see me in town, don't be shy and come say hi!  

Other than street photography I provide a variety of photography services for competitive prices. So, if you are in need of professional photos, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Interior Design and Business Photography

I don’t just photograph Colchester streets and people, I often feature local businesses on my Instagram page. So, if you would like to showcase your business and gain some exposure and interaction please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to visit and snap a few shots!

Weddings, Engagement and Couples Photography

Whether you want a few lovely photos of you and your partner or you’re preparing for the most special day in your life – I would love to be there to capture those magical moments. I love photographing couples as I have a romantic soul and there’s nothing more wonderful than knowing you have found your soulmate! 

I offer couples and engagement photoshoots and of course, considerably priced wedding packages. 

Family Photography

Family is the most important and the most precious thing in life. People you love create magical moments and unforgettable memories, things that last forever! Whether you are expecting, have small children or already grown up kids, or perhaps four legged children – I want to capture your beautiful family and leave a piece of memory for you to cherish forever. 

My goal in portrait and family photography is to make my subjects as comfortable and as relaxed as possible. Photoshoots can be really fun and in the end you will get gorgeous photographs of you and your loved ones!

Events, Food and Restaurant Photography

I love food and I love beautiful venues! I also love creating beautiful images. So put these things together and you get fantastic photographs for your restaurant, bar or café! 

If you are looking for more visual content for your website or social media, or perhaps are creating a new food or drink menu and need imagery to entice new customers to become regular customers – I am your person! I have photographed a good variety of venues in town and received an incredible amount of positive feedback so, wait no longer and get in touch, I’d love to help!

Lifestyle and Portrait Photography

Finally, I offer lifestyle and portrait photography for competitive prices. So, if you are in need of headshots or simply more content for your blog or Instagram profile, I can help you out by creating beautiful portrait photographs of you and your lifestyle. So, if you are a fellow creator or simply need to more content for you brand, get in touch using the contact form below.

I hope you enjoy my photographs and please don't forget to follow my Instagram page @colchesterstreets




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