Wildflower Style Boutique - a Lifelong Dream Turned into a Unique Reality


“I think our unique selling point is myself. The passion that I’ve got for making people happy and enjoying fashion again. The fact that I personally choose and collect everything in the boutique is something I’m very proud of” - Nicola, the owner of Wildflower Style Boutique

At various stages in our careers, I’m sure most of us dream of doing something different and that we truly enjoy. Nicola, owner of Wildflower Style Boutique, is no exception. Nicola opened her boutique at the end of March this year and it has been growing ever since. Situated on Sir Isaac’s Walk, it is an ideal location to have her dream shop, including all of the products inside. Despite having always worked in retail, Nicola never had the funds or confidence to take the plunge and open her own shop. Sadly, her father passed away last year, so to fulfil a lifelong dream, Nicola put all of her inheritance into Wildflower Style Boutique - something she knows that will make her father very proud. 

Nicola has lived in Colchester since she was seven and loves the location of her shop. It’s ideal for a quirky and different boutique. She has many wonderful customers who love the variety of the items available. Nicola’s favourite place in Colchester is the Castle Park and she loves how the town is building a good, close knit community. Particularly down Eld Lane, which is part of the South Lane Project. Nicola also likes the fact that Colchester is close to London and has a big population that enjoys fashion, the town has a good fashion college and is full of people who embrace individuality. 

When Nicola decided to open Wildflower, she wanted to have items that she would be happy to wear herself, are good quality and it’s because of this, she is fussy about what she purchases to sell in the shop. Every item in the shop is unique and exclusive to Nicola and the shop. She imports the clothes and accessories from the States, Italy, Denmark and Paris. This means that the products you will find in there are high-end and slightly more expensive however, the items are bespoke and are all handmade using top quality materials - they’re things you wouldn’t be able to buy anywhere else. Some items need to be seen as an investment. 

Wildflower Style Boutique - Colchester, Essex 6.jpg

There are certain items in the boutique that Nicola has sourced herself. Although she doesn’t have high-designer items, she gets what she believes to be the best products around. The jeans she stocks are ‘Mankind’ ones as they use the best denim and have a great fit, no matter what size you buy. Another brand is a Californian one called ‘Rails’ as they have a signature selection and do different prints and fabrics for each season. Nicola has a huge passion for fashion and wants the best that brands can offer her. 

Wildflower Style Boutique - Mos Mosh Jeans - Colchester, Essex.jpg
Wildflower Style Boutique - Jeans - Colchester, Essex.jpg

One of the biggest talking points of her business is the cowboy boots she sells. No other stockist currently has them in England and they’re made by ‘Old Gringo’ - Nicola says they’re the creme de la creme of boots and are a lifetime investment. They’re not for everyone, but surely this is a good thing? With the beautiful individuality of the boutique, it wouldn’t be such a unique business if there were thousands of pairs available. The boots are made by one man and Nicola chose all the designs herself - something you would never be able to get in a high street store. Nicola can guarantee quality and value for money. 

Wildflower Style Boutique - Old Gringo Cowboy Boots - Colchester, Essex.jpg

Finally, as well as clothes and shoes, Nicola has also got bags, underwear and pyjamas available. The bags are sourced from the Far East, in Bali by a designer called ‘Angel Rocks’ and they’re all handmade using exotic skins and leathers, and also from India by one gentleman. Underwear was recently added to the boutique as Nicola believes it’s an area of fashion that some women neglect and often just wear anything underneath their clothing. Women will spend time and money finding the perfect outfit, but be lazy with their underwear. She feels like having the matching sets is the icing on the cake for the shop. The designer is Bluebella as the brand is very much about sensuality everyday, it’s comfortable to wear and is reasonably priced. 

Shopping can be a blessing and a curse sometimes, but Wildflower Style Boutique can take all that stress away from you. Nicola offers a personal shopping service that can be booked in advance. It’s a one-stop fashion shop and deserves recognition for the handwork, passion, love and dedication Nicola and her staff have put into the shop. High street fashion has lost its way and Colchester is a place that is extremely supportive of indie businesses. 

Wildflower Style Boutique - Jewellery - Colchester, Essex 2.jpg
Wildflower Style Boutique - Jewellery - Colchester, Essex.jpg

If you love fashion and quirky items, get yourself to Wildflower Style Boutique and have a look around. It’s always wonderful to see someone following their dreams and taking the plunge. 

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