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As you all know, we love visiting businesses on Mersea Island here at Colchester Streets! We always meet interesting people and it’s nice to get out of the urban environment every now and again. This blog is about Tanya, owner of FST Beauty, based on Mersea Island. 

We have now visited a fair few beauty boutiques in the Colchester Borough, and it’s refreshing how each one is so different. That’s what’s so great about our jobs (no bragging intended), but we get to see the ins and outs of independent businesses and the passion the people who run them have. It’s a joy to see! FST Beauty is no exception to this. 

Mersea Island is a small village with big expectations. People who live on the island and those who visit have higher expectations as it’s becoming such a well-known tourist attraction in Essex. The beauty industry is in a booming climate and can be very competitive. However, the great thing about the island is that no one sees someone else as competition and gets bitter about it. It’s a supportive community and there’s enough business to go around. 

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FST Beauty is based in Waldegraves Holiday Park on the ‘border’ of East and West Mersea. Tanya first took the property on just a couple of months ago, and with the help of her supportive partner, has it up and running - totally transforming the place! 

Tanya is a mother of 3, has 3 dogs and a horse, so she’s an extremely busy person anyway. So, she did what not every mother would and stepped into a new business! Well, not completely new to Tanya. She used to do beauty treatments years ago before motherhood took over, but in January this year, she decided to take the plunge and get back into doing what she loves. I always think it’s admirable when someone decides to take the bull by the horns and do something for themselves and their families. Building a business is HARD WORK. Luckily, this is something that Tanya is not afraid of. When Tanya first dabbled in the beauty world, she did individual training courses, each specialising in specific treatments. It’s something she’s passionate about and is continuing that growth by learning new skills and being able to offer customers more treatments at a very affordable price. 

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FST Beauty has taken on its own personality and brand in the short time it has been open and I’m sure it will be something that’s very popular among holidaymakers on the Island! Tanya’s vision was to have a relaxing, spree-free space for people to come and leave feeling great about themselves. After all, isn’t that the whole reason we spend money on these treatments? I know I do! It’s something we do for ourselves and we want the experience to be an enjoyable one. Tanya offers prosecco to make the experience that little more enjoyable. It makes for a sociable atmosphere and it doesn’t feel stilted in any way. There’s no stuffiness, no one would be made to feel unwelcome and Tanya greets every single customer in the same way. It’s a bright, airy environment and it’s somewhere that puts you at ease. 

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What can FST Beauty offer you? Well, for starters it’s one of the only places on Mersea Island where you can get acrylic nails done. Tanya also does gel nails, massages, spray tans, waxing, tinting, micro-blading and LVL lashes. It’s an area of the Island that was crying out for something that tourists can take full advantage of. You can even get early-bird and late-night appointments on certain days so you can fit these treatments into your everyday schedule. There’s also an amazing deal on micro-blading at the minute, Tanya is offering the treatment for just £150! I don’t know much about the beauty world, but I know one thing, that’s a bargain! FST Beauty is very reasonable in price and you will definitely feel like you’ve got your money’s worth. 

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In the future, Tanya is aiming to be trained in fillers and is something she really wants to offer her clients. At FST Beauty, it’s just Tanya who you will deal with and that really adds a personal touch to your experience as it means you will be seeing the same person every time. Beauty is her passion and career. She does it because she likes to make people feel good about themselves, give them something to look forward to and above all, making us all look good! 

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There’s something charming about FST Beauty and it’s somewhere that you will want to return to. It’s a chilled atmosphere and, let’s face it, what’s better than getting your nails done, listening to some good music and sipping a glass of prosecco? Not much! 

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