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“I don’t think I’m special. I’ve worked with a lot of patients over the years in the NHS and I know some of those patients experienced superiority. I want people to feel safe and comfortable with me. I talk to them in a way that they will understand what I mean. At the end of the day, people buy people, not treatments. Nowadays, you can get these treatments anywhere, but I think it’s about the experience you get and also, helping your patient realise if they really need or want the treatment. Most people don’t need cosmetic or aesthetic treatment. It’s also defining ethically whether that person is suitable for that treatment, and if they’re in the right frame of mind” - Natalie Haswell, Owner of Haswell Aesthetics and a qualified nurse practitioner

In the modern world, cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity, but the road to cosmetic surgery has changed somewhat in the last decade or so. Facial aesthetics are available in dental surgeries, beauty parlours, as well as in medical centres. Last week, Indre and myself visited Haswell Aesthetics - a cosmetic clinic based in North Colchester. We met Natalie and she talked us through her history and her successful business. 

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I think when it comes to aesthetics and cosmetic surgery, I’m quite naive. Before embarking on our collaboration, I doubt I would be able to tell you about any enhancements that you’re able to have done. All of the professionals Indre and I have met have been just that. Natalie, however, is not naive. She has been a qualified nurse for 17 years and has experience in many different areas. She was a nurse at Colchester General Hospital for 6 years, before becoming a district nurse so she had a better work/ life balance for her children. In January 2017, Natalie wanted to steer her career in a different direction and she started her facial aesthetic and cosmetic training. By the September, she was qualified and started doing Haswell Aesthetics

Natalie has now grown her business to be a success and has a loyal customer base. She largely concentrates on treatments that provide rejuvenation of ageing. These include; aesthetics, botox, fillers, skin treatments, micro-needling and artificial beautification enhancements such as; chin/ jaw fillers, lip fillers, chin lifts and creating a higher cheekbone. Most of Natalie’s clients are aged between 30-50. Unfortunately, as we get older, bones reabsorb muscles as they shrink and as a result, our features can sag. Natalie will use fillers to re-enhance the structure of the face, uplift the area where the filler will go and just make people feel happier. 

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Although Natalie loves to realign facial features, and in particular, chins, she knows that receiving such treatments isn’t always the best thing for the patient. I think that’s a very admirable trait to have. She works with integrity and would not want to perform a treatment if she feels the patient isn’t in the right place mentally, or simply because, they don’t actually need a certain treatment. Not many nurses or doctors would be this honest, and would be willing to treat the person regardless just to take the money. Haswell Aesthetics is not about making money. It’s about providing treatments to slow down ageing, looking after skin and teaching people on the best ways to look after your skin without having to pay fro treatment. As, let’s face it, these treatments are not a one off, they’re a lifetime commitment, so you need to be 100% committed and sure that it is something you want. 

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If you’re thinking of having facial aesthetic treatment, then Haswell Aesthetics is one of the safest places you could receive your chosen one. Natalie will have a consultation with you and talk through the best options for your age and your skin. Clients appreciate this honesty and I think that’s what makes someone trustworthy. Natalie currently runs two clinics a week, she works at Caramel Brown in Stanway two days a week and also teaches aesthetics for two days at Harley Academy in London. Her main priority is always to make sure people are safe - both the patient and the nurse. 

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Whilst we were there, Natalie also gave her ‘top tips’ on keeping your skin looking youthful, and what to do if you’re looking to get cosmetic surgery. Her advice was:

•   ALWAYS wear SPF 50 suncream. Did you know 80% of ageing occurs due to exposure to the sun? Just make putting on suncream part of your morning routine. 

•   Not taking make-up off at night. It will cause you to have blocked pores, therefore your skin won’t be able to breathe. Failure to remove make-up can cause you to age up to 7 times faster. 

•   Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated and fresh. 

•   Use medical grade skincare. Natalie said most high street ‘anti-ageing’ skincare products are just a waste of money. She personally uses Retinol as it increases cell turnover.

•   A lot of the work and treatments Natalie provides is preventative. Only consider these treatments if this is something you want. She cannot reverse the ageing of the skin, just prevent it and re-align your profile. 

•   SAFETY. This is paramount for Natalie. If you’re looking to get cosmetic surgery, make sure you check on the Joint Council of Practitioners website that is supported by the government that your nurse/ doctor is fully qualified and up to date with the safety regulations before letting them perform any treatment on you. Do not let anyone inject you if they don’t have the right credentials. 

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Ethics are very important for Natalie and something she feels passionately about. She has recently written an article in the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing on the subject of ethics. Keeping people safe is her number one priority and it is something you should consider if you’re looking to get cosmetic surgery. 

It was such a pleasure to meet Natalie, and also to learn from her. She’s a very knowledgable lady, straight-talking and honest.

Thank you for having us! 

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