A Skincare and Beauty Boutique, Full of Kindness, Friendships and Luxury


“I think we stand out because we’re a place of class and luxury. I don’t class us as a salon, I class us as a specialist boutique. I think the girls who work here are amazing. I’m very picky about who I employ and I know that each girl is focused, driven and passionate about what they want to do. They all specialise in certain treatment areas so they’re 100% focused on that speciality. The girls have constant training to keep up to date with the latest trends.

We have just created our own brand of lashes ‘Amy Gordon Lashes’ and we’ve also developed a training school. Our first course has been accredited which is extremely difficult to do, as you have to write your own manual and qualify to become a trainer. The first course is in intimate waxing and we can certificate. So many girls come out of college and are weak in the area of intimate waxing as it’s a difficult one to be able to practice.

I think we do a lot in terms of development, being creative and having a good social media presence. As a specialist skincare clinic and beauty boutique, we want to offer our clients everything. We also have a nurse practitioner who does botox and fillers, plus two guest artists who do permanent make-up” - Amy, Owner of Amy Gordon, Skin Clinic and Beauty Boutique. 

Amy Gordon Skin Clinic and Beauty Boutique is on the North Hill in Colchester and has been a growing brand for over 7 years now. It has recently had a re-brand as it used to be known as ‘The Beauty Boutique’. Amy decided to give her business a re-brand as it has grown to be more than a beauty destination in town. The website and social media has all been given an overhaul and you’re now able to receive many different treatments.

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Instead of just focusing on beauty treatments, they offer a wide range of skincare treatments, including: skin peels, micro-needling, oxygen therapy, mesotherapy and anti-aging treatments, which are all high end. Amy Gordon now has a new machine which enables the staff to do the treatments like the H2O Blow Facials and the Red Carpet Facials, which are all proving to be extremely popular. 

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In terms of beauty treatments, not much has changed. As the saying goes: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. At Amy Gordon you’re able to get quality treatments for a fair price. For years, the boutique has been well known for its fantastic work on eyebrows and lashes, as well as intimate waxing. Now, with the re-branding, Amy wants to streamline all skincare and beauty treatments and build the new brand around that. 

A thriving independent business these days is a rarity, unfortunately. Amy Gordon goes against the tide of this trend and is well known around the town, particularly with those who enjoy a bit of self-care and indulgence. Amy likes all of her customers to feel happy, arriving and leaving. Over the last seven years, Amy and her team have managed to build up and maintain a loyal client base, so even with the re-brand, the ethos of The Beauty Boutique remain, just with a few added extras. There are nine members of staff and each has their own focus and domain within the business. Although, Amy keeps all of her training up to date, so she could step in if needed. If you visit the boutique anytime soon, you will more than likely see Amy managing the salon, looking after her staff and giving a big, warm welcome to all those who walk through the door. 

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As well as running the boutique, the girls are very close with one another, often going out for drinks and dinner. This creates a positive, friendly atmosphere in the workplace and means that the girls will always be there to help someone if they need it. Every Christmas, the team will organise a huge raffle that usually raises around £1000, and all of the profits will go to a chosen charity. Amy also does some collaborations with a few local businesses in the town centre. Customers of Abigail’s and MiliMili Bridal boutiques in town, and hairdressers Fatal Attraction, can get discounts off treatments at Amy Gordon, as well as staff members. It’s an admirable thing to see as not many business owners like to work with a business that could be seen as a competitor.

Another humbling thing Amy does is to help women at the Hospital who have recently been through cancer treatments. The team will visit patients and help them do their make up and eyebrows after hair loss. Small acts of kindness like this are to be admired and it could really make a difference to someone’s life. It’s a real team effort at Amy Gordon and they’re making their own community out of a small business, which in this climate, is a beautiful thing to witness. 

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The great thing about Amy Gordon is how fresh, clean and aesthetically perfect it is. Even beneath the surface, it is hugely popular around the town and is a credit to all those who work there. It is a luxurious, pampering destination in the town centre and with more treatments now available for customers, it will surely be busier than ever. 

Thanks for having us! 

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