Gunk Tank, Diesel LED Mask and Other Fun Things We Discovered at Hello Dental

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“We stand out because we’re based in a dental practice so we’re also clinical. We’re CQC registered and our patients trust us because we have that background in medicine. We also have all the necessary equipment to rectify any mistakes that are made. We haven’t had a situation where it has, but we have that clinical background and a safe environment in which we can treat it”.  - Liz

It’s not always an easy question being asked how you stand out above your competitors. It’s also not easy launching new products and maintaining consistently high standards. But that’s exactly what the staff at Hello Dental have done. Indre and I visited the practice, located on Severals Business Park last week and were given a detailed tour and run down of what the practice offers their patients. 

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Hello Dental first opened its doors in August 2012 and has gone from strength to strength. Not only does it offer the usual dental treatments, they have also branched into the world of facial aesthetics. Cosmetic surgery - minor or major - is now a growing industry worldwide. There’s not many celebrities now who are completely natural. Some take it too far, however, at Hello Dental, the treatments available are designed to not be too intrusive and get to the root of the problem, rather than just the surface. 

Around six months ago, HD Rejuvenate was born in Hello Dental and has been growing in popularity ever since. Liz, the Clinical Manager, showed us around and explained all the treatments they offer in the practice. The newest piece of equipment they have is a Hydro Facial machine. It’s a six-step process to deep cleanse the skin and remove blemishes and blackheads. At the end of the process, there’s a “gunk tank” so you can see exactly what the machine has cleared. Liz told us that most people enjoy this part the most - particularly if they’re Doctor Pimple Popper fans (if you know, you know)! The Hydro Facial machine will suck right down into the skin, rather than just touching the surface. 

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Also part of HD Rejuvenate is a diesel LED mask that is very popular among celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. It looks slightly terrifying, but has proven to help patients’ skin. It is another six-step cycle for things such as rosacea, acne, reducing deep lines and getting rid of wrinkles. The mask is also used at the end of other treatments to reduce redness. 

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Hello Dental can also do Botox fillers, which the principal dentist, Neel, can perform. Botox is a cosmetic treatment that has been around for a while now and is a fashionable thing to get. The Hydro Facial machine ensures that the treatment gets to the root of the problem, catching the fine lines and wrinkles before they get to the stage of needing Botox. The machine provides the treatment that everyone wants. Also available are acne scar revision treatments and chemical peels. The peels are deep cleansing, meaning they work within the skin, not on it. Many peels that are offered elsewhere will be of higher concentration that will remove the top layers. However, Hello Dental work from the inside out as they use clinical based stuff. 

HD Rejuvenate is suitable for men and women, and can be used on any skin type or colour. The only people who can’t use it are those who are allergic to shellfish or aspirin. On the 16th May, there is a Red Carpet event for the Hydro Facial. It is usually £135 for 1 hour, but on the 16th, you can pay just £30 for 30 minutes. It’s a taster of what you would get if you had the full package, it just misses out a couple of the steps. Customers will be also to see results and the benefits after one session. 

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Once we had finished the tour of the aesthetics room, we had a nose around the dental rooms. They’re all state of the art and super modern - it made me feel less terrified of going to the dentist. There are TV screens installed on the ceilings in every room so when the patient is in the chair, they can relax and take their mind off their treatment. There are three surgeries, which are at capacity most days, including two hygienists and three dentists. 

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Hello Dental stands out above the rest as they have a laser machine which is used for fillings, so patients don’t need to fear the dreaded drill. They also don’t take impressions of teeth now. This is a process that causes discomfort for patients and, again, would make them fear the next visit. Now, a scanner is used to take digital images that are then sent to a lab where the product will be made. It’s much less evasive and suits both the dentist and the customer. Implants and wisdom teeth removal are available, although all prices are *from as all cases are different. 

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Lastly, Liz explained to us the plasma machine. This is revolutionary and is something that, again, is popular with celebs. The dentist can take a sample of the patient’s blood, spin it in the machine, take the plasma from the top and re-introduce it into the patient’s face. This is also known as a vampire facial. The technical name for it is PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factor). The plasma helps the patient to heal themselves and is reintroducing the patient back into themselves. This is also the case with implants. So, if a tooth has been removed, the dentist will re-introduce it back into the bone so they can almost heal themselves. 

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It was an extremely educational visit to Hello Dental, and I can honestly say, it’s made me feel less frightened of going to the dentist now I know there are so many ways of avoiding blatant evasions of the mouth. Liz was knowledgeable, forthcoming and passionate about the treatments Hello Dental offer. It is a high-tech business that puts the needs of their patients first. Neel, the principal dentist, used to work in Ipswich and many of his patients have followed him to Colchester. It is a credible business that has integrity and is keeping up with the pace. The aesthetics room was incredible, and I wish I could watch the gunk being removed from someone’s face! The whole place is fresh, bright, clean and friendly.

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While we were there, we were made to feel extremely welcome, all the members of staff spoke to use and were more than happy to answer our questions. They’re well informed and educated. I know that if I were ever to have a treatment there, I would be in safe hands and would leave feeling satisfied. 

Thanks for having us!