Million Dollar Facials, Blow Dries and Massages - Our Trip to Wendy’s Salon


“Even though the salon is growing and changing, the fundamental lines of what Wendy’s stands for will never change. As a whole, we’re like a family. A big, crazy, dysfunctional family, but we work. Everyone here is different, no one’s the same. We’re not like generic dolls thinking we’re perfect, but we all love the career we’re in and we strive to do it to the best of our ability. We all just love our jobs and supporting each other”. - Hayley, Wendy’s daughter and Salon Owner. 

Wendy’s has been a thriving business for a whopping 35 years and it doesn’t look set to change any time soon. Hayley, Wendy’s daughter now runs the show and is immensely proud of the legacy her mum has built and is privileged to continue running things. Hayley invited Indre and myself along to have a look around, find out what they do and, of course, to take plenty of pictures! 

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It’s not your usual salon by any standard. We were instantly welcomed, as was every customer who walked through the door. We thought it was just a hair salon but it’s so much more. Hayley told us how it is growing in popularity and has become more than a local, village salon. Her team all work as one and each one has a different skillset.

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Carly is the newest member of Wendy’s and she is the beautician, with her treatments already proving a hit with the customers. Carly told us that one of the treatments on offer is called a million-dollar facial, which is like 3 facials in 1. One stage of it is dermaplaning which is where you take the soft hair off. The next stage is micro-needling (which isn’t as painful as it sounds), Carly uses a little roller on your skin, and then she will finish off with a massage to help with the build-up of toxins. The three elements combined create an amazing facial where the effects will last a week and you will be able to be make up free! No one else in the area does it and it helps with fine lines and wrinkles. And, let’s face it. Who doesn’t enjoy a massage? Carly is also available to do: gel nails, facials, massages, LVLs and waxing. 

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Wendy’s is a high colour salon and they have a big account with Schwarkopf, meaning that they’re one of the first salons in the country to get new trends and products in. All of the hairdressers receive top training and go to London frequently to keep their skillset up to date so they’re able to give their customers the best products and advice on how to keep their hair looking vibrant and healthy. 

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Hayley told us how the clients all vary in age - some have been going there since the salon opened and some have followed some of the girls over who used to work at other salons. We were there on a rainy afternoon, yet the salon was still busy and Hayley told us that Thursday-Saturday is always full. If you want to go then, you must book! Although they are open late (until 8) on a Thursday, something that many commuters take advantage of as they’re just opposite the train station. 

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The girls who work at Wendy’s all rent their chairs and they have their own area of expertise. Natalie is a very successful hairdresser who specialises in ‘hair-up’ and is one of the top girls on the region for Wedding hair. Carly, as mentioned, is a beautician and has brought new ideas to the salon, as well as new clients. Jordan is also relatively new to the team, she used to work for Regis in town and is keen to compete in competitions. Wendy still works 2-3 days a week as she has a loyal client base, Hayley will be there 5 days a week and lastly, there’s Leanne who works three days a week. Despite having their own skills that the girls continue to explore, Hayley actively encourages them to pursue their dreams and put themselves out there. 

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Being out of town means that the customers can truly enjoy their salon experience and not just go to get their hair done. It’s such a friendly environment and it’s an establishment that deserves success. On Mondays and Tuesdays, OAPs can get 10% off their treatment and Hayley is always running deals on Wendy’s Facebook page. You are also able to get money off if there is a cancellation, and over the summer, you can get a blow dry and a 25-minute facial for just £40! 

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The most admirable thing about Wendy’s is that it’s still growing after 35 years of being in business, they all work as a team and the roots of the salon are still there and some elements haven’t changed. It’s somewhere that is personable and relaxing. Finding a good hairdresser is hard, but Wendy’s makes it easier and there’s free parking! If you’re looking for somewhere new, I would definitely recommend trying them out! 

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