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“I think we stand out because we’re a family here. We’re very close as a team and as soon as a patient walks through the door, they feel comfortable. They feel the atmosphere is good. Our main priority is making sure our patients are ok. It’s all about making sure they feel at ease walking through the door when they come to see us. When I recruit new people, I always explicitly tell them our number one priority is to look after people. They’re not coming here for enjoyment so it’s important to make them feel that little bit more relaxed, as that’s what they’ll remember. They’re going to remember coming through the door and seeing us all with a smile on our face. As a practice, to stand out, I think it’s our team, 100%” - Jeanine, Practice Manager.

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For many of us, going to the dentist is something we actively avoid. I’m one of those as I have a fear of needles and have never had a nice dentist. Our teeth are so important, so why do we lean towards neglecting them? A lot of the reason is usually to do with the service we receive and how well we’re looked after while we’re there. The Dental Studio in Colchester breaks this stigma and is bucking the trend with how they look after every single patient who walks through the door. 

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The Dental Studio has been around for roughly 14 years after dentist Steven Pitt and his wife, Tracy, started it up. It initially started off as just a dental surgery, with Steven as the dentist and just had a hygienist working alongside him. As the practice began to grow, Steven then decided to start training dentists and the business has grown from there. Now, it’s more than just a dental studio. You can also get facial aesthetics treatments there. 

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Facial aesthetics are increasingly popular now and as our faces are always on show, it’s easy to see why many dental practices have gone down the route of adding certain treatments to their surgeries. As well as being able to get the usual treatments such as; teeth whitening, teeth straightening, extractions, implants, crowns, bridges, fillings, root canals and orthodontics, you’re also able to book yourself in for a consultation for; botox treatments, lip fillers, vampire facials and thread lift treatments. 

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Getting any form of facial surgery is a huge commitment and part of Janine’s job is to ensure that all of the paperwork and regulations are up to date. There are a lot of ethics associated with facial aesthetics and Janine has to check that all procedures and paperwork complies with the General Dental Council (GDC) regulations and ensures that everyone within the practice complies with every regulation. Safety is something The Dental Studio can guarantee for you, if you choose to have any of these treatments. You will be well looked after, advised on how to look after yourself once you leave the surgery. Janine job-shares with another lady, Chris, and between them, they look after the surgery, the equipment, all staff members and making sure they know what they’re doing day-today and anything important that is coming up, all training records are up to date, and lastly, looking after the company’s social media pages

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Although going into individual job roles isn’t something we would usually do with these blogs, I feel like it’s important to do so in this case as the kind of treatments you can receive at The Dental Studio can have risks. But, will all the work that Chris and Janine put in to make sure there is accountability and compliance within the surgery, it’s important that patient’s feel like they will be looked after by professionals who are confident with what they’re doing. Everyone at the practice is there for your comfort and to put you at ease. I’m sure at some point, we have all had a bad experience at the dentist and it does naturally make you fearful. However, if this is the case, just speak to one of the staff members and they will be happy to talk you through it. They pride themselves on top quality customer service and I know that you will be comfortable receiving treatments there. 

One of the amazing treatments you can receive is a new crown that can be done in a day! This is astounding as traditional crowns can take up to a month to be prepared and fitted. Although you can still get a traditional crown at The Dental Studio, modern techniques are proving to be more popular and convenient for the patient as they don’t have to experience the anticipation for waiting for it to happen - it’s all done and dusted within the same day. Teeth whitening is still one of the most popular treatments. A smile is one of the first things we notice when we meet someone, and having our teeth whitened is a quick change we can make to feel more confident when showing off our pearly whites! 

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As well as providing wonderful service, the team have also won awards to back their claims, which is a boost for the team and validates that what they do, they do extremely well. The Dental Studio have won awards for; Best Practice, Best Team and Best Patient Care. As someone who hates the dentist, hearing success stories of picking up awards, it definitely makes me feel that little less terrified of someone looking in my mouth! x

If you’re in need of a dentist visit, please support this wonderful practice. They work so hard to provide the best care possible for you. They want to make you feel at ease and that little bit more relaxed. 

Thanks for having us!

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